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Tpad enters lucrative $7.3 billion business VoIP communications marketplace in order to provide a premium VoIP service for global businesses.

Tpad, a global VoIP service provider, today announced it has launched the first of the company’s new advanced IP-based PBX services which has been custom designed specifically for SME type businesses.

Tpad’s Hosted IP PBX service, called Tpad Lite, exceeds the needs of small and medium-sized businesses seeking the flexibility and efficiency of next generation IP solutions without the huge
associated costs of infrastructure and network management.

Their newest solution is a fully managed service that easily connects company head offices, remote offices and home staff, while providing advanced features, flexibility and functionality traditionally available only to large corporate businesses.

Tpad’s Hosted IP PBX bundles together pay as you go calling plans and easy to use call management software that allows non-technical staff access to advanced calling features into a single, low cost manageable package.

Tpad’s service guarantees reliable, high voice quality lines with unlimited scalability in adding lines, extensions and voice mail accounts. Enhanced calling features, including voice mail to email, automated message recording and call forwarding are available at significantly lower cost compared to traditional, hugely expensive, self-managed phone systems.

“Tpad is extremely excited about providing a high quality, cost-effective solution that allows SMEs to finally enjoy the many benefits of Business VoIP without any heavy upfront capital costs or ongoing operational expenses,” said Chris Morris, Tpad’s General Manager.

“Tpad’s entry into this rapidly growing and profitable market builds on our current history of providing useful and cutting-edge residential solutions backed by our outstanding customer service support.”

“Businesses are continually looking for communications solutions that increase overall efficiency while still decreasing total cost of ownership. Tpad’s Hosted IP PBX service simplifies day to day management with highly flexible, mobile, and versatile solutions.” said Morris.

About Tpad:

Global VoIP ITSP, Tpad, offers internet-based telephony solutions for individual residential and business users as well as small to medium sized business enterprises (SMEs / SMBs).

Tpad Lite, an IP VoIP PBX solution is comprised of a custom made call management software coupled with powerful business class features. Companies subscribing to Tpad Business VoIP pay a nominal amount per month for fully enterprise class IP VoIP PBX functionality.

Tpad also gives businesses an option to use any VoIP / SIP devices (ATA / IP Phone / Nokia Wi-Fi Mobile / Softphone) or your existing phone system. For additional company information, visit Tpad’s web site at

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