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SMEs on the Move Choose Tpad Telephony Solutions that Keep Pace with the World Marketplace

Using Tpad’s flexible mobile VoIP services makes connecting to customers and staff easy at home and abroad
Make Free W-Fi Mobile Calls using the Tpad IP PBX Telephone System

Make Free W-Fi Mobile Calls using the Tpad IP PBX Telephone System


PRLog (Press Release)Sep 01, 2009 – Using Tpad’s flexible mobile VoIP services makes connecting to customers and staff easy at home and abroad

Technology has opened new avenues of opportunity as well as created new challenges, the first being simply to keep abreast of the innovations and deciding which will work for your company. Tpad understands the importance crystal-clear communications to the progress and profits of a business. As a telephony provider for mobile VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), Tpad ensures that small business enterprises have more options in the ways they communicate with their customers as well as members of their organization in many different locations.

System flexibility and operational costs are two genuine concerns for every company, no matter whether they are a group of entrepreneurs in collaboration or an established business with several employees. As more companies employ individuals from remote locations the need for international VoIP and mobile Wi-Fi has focused attention on Tpad’s innovative approach.

Tpad has designed several packages that can be customized to the communication needs of growing companies throughout the world. One service that has been eagerly received by small to medium sized enterprises is the ultra-flexible IP PBX system, which enables them to reduce overhead costs while increasing their competitive edge.

Using the most advanced VoIP technology, Tpad is focused on providing businesses with uncomplicated telephony solutions that are on par or surpass the level of communication quality offered by Vonage and Packet8.

Commenting on the need for business to take a second look at Voice over Internet Protocol technology, Simon Jones, Sales Director of Tpad said:

“VoIP technology has evolved rapidly over the past three years to include an extensive array of benefits and features that many companies can use to move their business forward. Tpad has developed these economical and user-friendly communication solutions to attract and advance a company’s goals.”

Many customers of the VoIP services offered by Tpad turn to this communication solution for exactly these reasons. Tpad is aware that client care and responsiveness to the needs of the marketplace are just as important as state-of-the-art facilities and equipment.

“Companies have specific business goals and unique characters.” said Jones. “With the need for increased productivity rising, we keep the timeline between the decision to use Tpad’s telephony to installation and use as short as possible. Rather than dedicate an extensive amount of time for installation and training, companies who select Tpad are able to focus their attention of developing and reinforcing their brand.”

Not only at the beginning or during the installation process is client care a valuable resource, but also on a day-to-day basis, each of the account advisors are highly qualified, respectful of your time and priorities. As a company that offers communication services, the Tpad company takes your business goals as seriously as you do; from initial contact to growth through the various stages of your enterprise.

Tpad as a provider of global telephone communication solutions that proves that quality can be affordable with the satisfaction of customer’s preferences as the motivation. Companies can contact a Tpad representative with their requirements and a communication system can be developed to suit their budget as well as company style, by using the online customer enquiry form at: or by telephone: +44 (0) 845 122 1746.

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Tpad, the world’s most flexible communications company, offers next-generation telephone systems for consumers and businesses. Tpad’s new telephone systems make it easier and cheaper for people and businesses to stay in touch using any device, on any network, anytime, anywhere. The ever-expanding global IP telephony company is based in the UK and has offices in the UAE. Tpad’s telephone systems are fully compatible with any SIP or VoIP telephone device; softphones (Xlite, ZoIPer or SJPhone), ATAs and IP phones (Linksys, Snom, Aastra, Yealink and Grandstream) as well as Wi-Fi mobile phones (Nokia E and N series).

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