Supanet is an International company with Headquarters in Cyprus. Within the UK, it originally started as an Internet Service Provider over 12 years ago and still remains one of the leading ISP’s in this country. However, over the past 3 years we have been focused on our Business Connectivity products and we now specialise on making them simpler for businesses to understand and implement. This has enabled supanet to become one of the most competitive suppliers of broadband services to business in the UK.

Supanet has its own infrastructure in the UK and together with our partners we are able to provide high speed, high bandwidth access to almost all businesses in the UK. All of our business connectivity products have been designed around simplicity and competitiveness. Products ranging from basic Business Broadband to Private Circuits and Wireless Microwave Connectivity. Whatever a business needs, Supanet can deliver competitively and with full service and support.

When you contact supanet staff for advice, we will offer a complete audit and review service. In this process, one of our business connectivity specialists will review your data requirements with you, analyse your current spend and recommend any suitable change path for your business. The review is FREE of charge, conducted at your premises and is non -obligatory; you decide how and when any changes are made.

When recommending Internet and connectivity products to businesses, we always try to achieve 3 important things – greater performance, increased resilience and future upgradeability.


Supanet Local Rings

Supanet Local Ring provide businesses in selected towns and cities with high speed Dedicated Internet Access and Connectivity at the fastest speeds possible; and with the very best in terms of latency and security making it the only real choice for knowledgeable clients.

We have invested in having our own infrastructure in terms of high capacity Dark Fibre, road and street Ducts, Cabinets in local exchanges, Wi-Max, line of sight technologies, and significant presence in major hosting centres of Leeds, Manchester and London.

In essence once we have fully deployed in an area we can install, pure clean low latency, bandwidth to a business within 3 working days for a test site and 7 days for a full install.

Once you have access to the Supanet ring all your internet bandwidth issues are resolved, and because of the way manage the network we can allow for bursts of bandwidth which are double or three times more than you have contracted for. So if your business needs a burst of higher bandwidth on certain days and even certain times we can load manage this for you and charge you on a truly ‘pay as you go’ basis rather than having to pay for the maximum load you may need.

Additional benefits of Supanet Local Rings relate to resilience and security. Connectivity to your business can be structured in such a way as to provide multiple paths to the Internet for increased resilience. Advanced Supanet features such as IP VPN provides complete security for data in transit and use revolutionary IP and MPLS technology to isolate packets on the network. It allows confidential traffic to pass between customer sites without traversing the public Internet.

Blackburn Ring

Blackburn is a good example of a Supanet Local Ring. Broadband and connectivity in Blackburn area is generally poor and for many businesses, particularly for those in Business Parks. The costs of high bandwidth leased lines can be prohibitive, especially if there is no existing optical fibre to the premises resulting in high installation costs.

Key Business Areas in Blackburn

There are 5 main areas within Blackburn that are heavily populated by Businesses. These are:-

  • Whitebirk Area & nearby Business Parks including Glenfield Park, Greenbank Park and Trident Park
  • Shadsworth Area & nearby Business Parks including Roman Road & Walker Park.
  • The Town Centre
  • West End of Blackburn for mainly office based businesses
  • Bolton Rd and South Blackburn

Supanet has a presence in each of these areas and almost 80% of buildings have an option to connect to the Supanet Node. This means that it is possible to provide a high speed link from the Internet to most business building within Blackburn.

The Solution

Businesses looking for high quality, low latency, pure bandwidth connectivity either between sites or with the Internet, can approach Supanet for a free assessment.

This assessment will involve a site survey and free consultancy to look at the exact current and future needs of your business. Then Supanet will be able to make a recommendation on suitable bandwidth and provide a full quotation and implementation plan. Supanet will consider all connectivity options before recommending the most suitable solution for your business. The connectivity component may include:-

  • Dark Fibre
  • Wi-Max
  • Wireless Point-to-Point Links
  • Dedicated Lines
  • Linkage to our POPs and Hosting Centres in Leeds, Manchester and London

Supanet has extensive experience in all the elements necessary to make high speed networks operate efficiently. We can provide our clients with a full range of services that would include:-

  • Business & technical consultancy by looking at existing and future connectivity needs
  • Network planning & design of the link
  • Site surveys
  • Installation & commissioning
  • Training of staff
  • Ongoing Maintenance and support

In all cases we look at what can be achieved for your business and make the appropriate recommendations based on our surveys.

Business Example

In October 2010, PM+M Chartered Accountants were planning a move to new premises on Challenge Way (Whitebirk Area). This move from Central Blackburn was in itself a significant project for the firm who were moving offices to more modern premises.

PM+M are one of the leading business advisory and accountancy firms in the North West of England and has grown steadily through natural growth and mergers with other firms to become a broad based provider of advice to businesses and individuals.

For PM+M communication is key; and a heavy reliance is put upon their IT infrastructure to deliver the highest standards for their client and their own workforce alike. The move presented several challenges, not least of which was remaining fully functional for their clients, improving their IT data connection and reviewing their telephony requirements.

PM&M ´s Data Connection needs were met by the Supanet Blackburn Ring. Part of the solution was a Wireless Link to connect PM&M to Supanets infrastructure with a dedicated 10mb downstream & 10mb upstream link. On this link PM&M were able to provide Internet access for all of their members of staff and through Supanet’s partner Tpad they were also able to use the bandwidth to make and receive telephone calls for the business using the latest Tpad Business Telephone System. Low latency is a must for voice communications and Supanet provides this.

Data connection

” The design and installation of the system went very smoothly with Supanet providing a very responsive and focussed service before, during, and after our physical move. Now that we are settled into our new environment, the systems gives us cost certainty along with flexibility and the opportunity to grow without major capital investment. The support we receive from them has continued to be responsive.”
Stephen Anderson – Partner. PM&M Accountants

“The personal touch from the implementation team provided me with so much confidence during the installation and initial go live, knowing that the Supanet & Tpad teams understood our requirements and could deliver a tailored solution to our specification. The continued proactive approach from the them means that any refining we need to make or issues we encounter are efficiently and speedily resolved.”
Colin Emmett – Director of IT Services. PM&M Accountants

3 Simple Steps…
for faster connectivity & more resilience

Step 1

Supanet consultants will do an assessment by looking at your existing set-up, current needs, future plans, and business priorities. This will help determine the best product or combination of products for your business.

Step 2

We will provide a written recommendation with a quotation, that delivers better performance and more resilience whilst fulfilling other identified needs.

Step 3

The agreed products will be installed and services provisioned in a seamless manner with no disruption to your business; and Supanet will provide ongoing support and advice.

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