Business Line Rental

Line Rental

Standard business telephone lines are available as standard lines or ISDN services

PSTN Line Business analogue line
ISDN 2 Digital business line (2 lines)
ISDN 30 Digital business line (8 to 30 lines)

Our facilities are supported by our own service team, so in the unlikely event of a fault the problem gets solved fast. Migration’s quick and easy – we’ll manage the entire process for you – and you can even keep your existing phone number when we ‘Port’ it from your current supplier

Features and benefits
Simple switchover – we manage migration for you, even the porting of your existing business number.
Reliable connectivity – 24/7/365, backed up by Service Level Guarantees
Expert technical support – always just a phone call away
Real value -We offer more for less

What about extras?
Not all providers offer such a wide range of extra services:
Caller Display – see who’s calling, and pick up when you please
Call Waiting – know when you’re in demand
Reminder Call – your phone can double as an alarm
Your Call – multi-tasking telephony. A line can take two numbers, each with a different ringtone
Call Return (1471) – see who last called you, and return the call by dialling ’3′
Ring back – no more pressing redial – let Ring back do it for you
Call Diversion – divert all calls to another number
Conference Calling – talk to a group all at once
Call Barring – restrict calls to specific codes, or bar incoming calls if you need to call out

Carrier Pre Select only (CPS)
If you don’t want to move your lines from BT (or you’re still in contract with another provider), but you still want to take advantage of our great call tariffs, we can offer you CPS.

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