Dedicate Internet Access

These days, any organisation that means business needs fast, reliable Internet access and this is especially important for companies with more than 30+ users. Dedicate Internet Access (DIA) is effectively a fast Internet Service delivered via a dedicated link between the business and a POP (Point of Presence) controlled by Supanet or its Partners. Such a dedicated link may be one of the following:-

-Leased Line
-Wireless Microwave link
-Ethernet First Mile
-Different combinations of above

The most common form of link is an optical fibre based Leased Line. Leased lines can be used for a variety of purposes (see Leased Line section under Data Connectivity), but one of the most common reasons to have a Leased Line is to provide Dedicated Internet Access.

Why have Dedicated Internet Access
Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) is thus your own direct path to the internet via a dedicated tunnel; thus giving your company the same constant capacity. You do not have to worry about fluctuations in performance that you experience with normal ADSL circuits at peak times. It has a 1:1 contention as there is no-one else using the service but your business. It is also ideal for providing your own server-based services, such as email and web content.

DIA creates a private connection between you and the network, making your data transfer more secure. This is the technology often used to connect banks and other financial institutions, so a very important consideration if you have mission critical data about your business or customers that you need to keep safe

DIA from Supanet is fully managed by us (so there’s no technical or administrative burden on your people), symmetric (same high speed in both directions) and uncontended (no one else shares your bandwidth). What’s more, this service includes hardware, support, and a choice of speeds from 2Mb to 1Gb* – ensuring super fast, always-on access for your business-critical systems and applications. And all at a truly competitive price.

Key features
-A choice of speeds and bearer – 2Mb, 10Mb, 100Mb, 500MB, 1Gb and others. If you have 10MB speed on a 100MB bearer, you can increase your speed up to 100Mb without further installation. Bearers are normally 10Mb, 100Mb, or 1 GB.
-Delivered using Leased Lines, Ethernet or combined with a Wireless Microwave data connectivity links.
-Uncontended end to end connectivity
-Fully managed business class Cisco router provided.
-Full support

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