The Network Solution for Mulit-Site Businesses

As a multi site business you may be faced with the challenge of providing secure, reliable access to applications and information across your business. Supanet’s IP VPN (Internet Protocol Virtual Private Network) solution provides a secure network to link your sites and uses MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching) technology to enable voice, video and data to be transported securely and reliably, on a single IP network delivering major cost savings whilst helping to increase productivity.

Typical IP VPN Setup

Access to your sites
Access into your dedicated IP VPN can be achieved using any of our connectivity solutions including standard ADSL broadband, SDSL, Ethernet First Mile, Leased Lines or Wireless Microwave links. Leased Lines, Microwave links and other private circuits offer advanced protection from external threats as they cannot be directly reached from the public Internet.

Internet Access
Internet access can also be included with your IP VPN and controlled centrally by a dedicated firewall. This ensures that every site participating in the IP VPN benefits from the same level of security and enables company wide security policies to be implemented much quicker.

Our MPLS Network
Using our resilient MPLS network your IP VPN will provide complete security for inter-site traffic. Quality of Service (QoS) features can be applied to guarantee bandwidth for specified applications (e.g. voice) allowing you to take full control of your network resources.

Benefits of IP VPN
Supanet IP VPN offers a highly secure and reliable Wide Area Networking (WAN) solution for medium and large organisations. It combines the flexibility of the Internet with the quality and security delivered by legacy private lines, frame relays or ATM services. Key IP VPN Benefits include:

Our IP VPN utilises revolutionary IP and MPLS technology to isolate packets on the network enabling confidential traffic to pass between customer sites without traversing the public Internet. One central point for Internet breakout enables strict security policies to be implemented and controlled, offering one secure path to the public Internet for all staff.

Quality of Service (QoS) features will allow you to take complete control of your network resources. Priority can be assigned to real-time and mission critical traffic providing the platform for converging your voice, video and data networks.

Network traffic is monitored and proactively managed ensuring any faults or network issues can be quickly rectified.

Such a set up provides quick and secure access to all applications on the network. Focuses your IT resources on key business initiatives whilst we manage your network.

Greater Management Control
Detailed network, CPE and firewall reporting remove complexity and provide the tools to assist in network and business decisions.

Improved Responsiveness and Flexibility
Utilise our reporting to identify and rectify issues before they arise. Adding, removing or re-locating sites becomes much quicker and easier.

Quality of Service Priority for IP VPN Applications
Supanet’s IP VPN is an application aware network designed to transport a range of services including delay sensitive data, video and real-time voice. Traffic is managed across your network by assigning applications to traffic classes. Our IP VPN solution offers 6 Classes of Service (CoS) with each class having its own level of service priority and applications typically being allocated as follows:
Class 1 ‘ IP telephony
Class 2 ‘ Video Conferencing / Media Streaming / Business Critical Application
Class 3 ‘ VoIP Call Signalling and Business Critical Applications e.g. Citrix
Class 4 ‘ Business Critical Application e.g. SAP
Class 5 ‘ Business Critical Application / Bulk Data Transfer
Class 6 ‘ Standard traffic e.g. e-mail / Internet traffic etc.

Supanet IP VPN Pricing
Supanet IP VPN is a complete managed WAN solution and can be uniquely designed to meet the specific requirements of your business. Pricing for your IP VPN solution will be dependent on a range of variables including:

  • Circuit type, quantity and speeds
  • Circuit and network resiliency
  • CPE and firewalls
  • Quality of Service (QoS) requirements
  • Internet bandwidth
  • Hosting and co-location requirements

Following detailed consultation with our network engineers a solution will be designed and priced accordingly.

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