Private DSL

A private DSL Network is a very cost effective way of connecting multiple sites to a main site in a hub and spoke network design. The service does not touch the internet in any way and is totally private and secure.

Specifically designed for businesses wanting to connect home workers or smaller branch offices to the main office network, this is a great way to enable people to work from remote offices in a secure way. As far as the remote user is concerned, they are connected to the business network as if they were in the office. However they are not connecting with each other via the internet but via their private line. Private DSL lines (ADSL or SDSL) are therefore more secure, as they transmit data without the risk associated with connecting via the public internet. Such a set-up is far cheaper than leased lines. The alternative to a private xDSL network is an IP VPN.

A secure connection to your network ensures that employees will adhere to your security policies by using the same firewalls you use for your central site. This will block out offensive and non-work related material and reducing the risk of attack from unwanted internet viruses and other potentially damaging threats.

How xDSL is set up
Symmetrical DSL modems can be installed at each end of a leased unloaded copper line. One end plugs directly into our backbone and the other is located at your business. This allows us to deliver up to 2 mbps of symmetrical bandwidth with static IP’s. This service also eliminates the need for any type of authentication. The service also has a longer reach than regular DSL, allowing customers on the outskirts of town to get a reliable high-speed connection.
The remote DSL connections can be connected to a central site by either a leased line or Ethernet circuit. We carry out a high level authentication on our network before passing the traffic to the customer’s central site for further authentication. This type of network has gained huge popularity as a way of bringing multiple users back to a central point. Where they can offer centralised services such as internet access and voice services.

Supanet Private xDSL Products
Various products are available depending on requirements
Private ADSL 8
Private ADSL 20
Private SDSL 500
Private SDSL 1000
Private SDSL 2000

Features & Benefits

  • Super-fast broadband speeds up to 20Mbps
  • Unparalleled control of remote workers access to your network and the internet
  • Totally secure method of connecting to your private network
  • Better value for money than leased lines and an alternative to IP VPN software clients
  • Choice of ADSL and SDSL depending on your business needs
  • An online portal allows you to order, track and administer all your remote site connections

Private xDSL Questions and Answers

Why do I need private xDSL?
Private xDSL help you control how your remote workers access the internet and safeguard them with your standard security policies. The remote workers effectively link with your central site but using ADSL or SDSL lines which are much lower cost than leased lines.

What are the costs of Private xDSL?
This will depend on the bandwidth required and whether you can manages with lower cost ADSL or will require SDSL. Supanet sales team can provide you with recommendations and a quotation
When should I use Private xDSL over a IP VPN on xDSL? An IP VPN is a software solution that provides the similar functionality. Which one is more suitable will depend on your business needs.

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