About Tpad

Tpad is an International company which has its Headquarters in Jersey, and provides products and services in many countries including the UAE, India, Hong Kong, USA, UK and Canada.

In the UK, Tpad provides advanced telephony services for businesses, the public sector and corporates. Until recently the core product has been large IP PBX based business telephone systems (50 users to 500+ users and multiple sites). Tpad also has an International consumer arm providing low cost International Services to all major countries.

Over the past 3 years, Tpad has been investing in next generation telephone technology with the development of a powerful central telephone platform that resides in Tpad data centres and that can be accessed from anywhere.

About Tpad Platform

Tpad Platform consists of clusters of very powerful computers that provide the ultimate, future-proof, scalable telephone platform. Now using Tpad lines, small businesses can easily link to Tpad Platform and benefit from features that were previously only available on multi-million pound corporate telephone systems.

Tpad partners with Supanet Business Services to provide UK broadband services to companies using Tpad Telephone Solutions, and has launched this unique offer for every small business in the UK. Now, small businesses can have a powerful state-of-the-art business telephone system at an amazing price.

Tpad Small Business Division is different from other Telephone Companies

The features and benefits provided by Tpad’s Platform and the complete Tpad Small Business Telephone Solution can indeed be provided by other large telephone companies. The key difference is price. Tpad charges a very low price, as its model is based upon acquiring large numbers of small business customers that could purchase other IT services in the future. In contrast, other companies charge up to £30 per month per user, for the telephone platform and for the telephone hardware! There are 3 main types of Business Telephone System providers.

1.Traditional Telephone System Companies

These companies produce large dedicated proprietary telephone systems usually installed at customer premises. The systems are very expensive ranging from hundreds of thousands to millions of pounds for large companies and are expensive to maintain and expand.

2.Providers of New Telephone Systems

Companies offer the latest technology with IP based systems that may be proprietary or may have a more open architecture. These can be similar cost to the above but offer the additional benefit of being easily expandable and being able to use the latest data networks.

3.Providers of Powerful Centrally Hosted Telephone Systems

Recently, companies, particularly in the USA have started to provide powerful hosted telephone systems with the very latest technology and all the benefits of the second type of systems above. Additionally, these can be sold to smaller businesses on a per user, per month, basis – E.g. £30 per user per month. There is usually a separate charge for the telephone hardware at the customer site. These systems provide all the features of large corporate systems and much more flexibility. They have the advantage that system can be accessed from anywhere and additional features can be added easily. Tpad’s Platform is also a very powerful Business Telephone System that is hosted in Tpad data centres, but Tpad makes a very low charge of just £9.95 per month per user for this system and for the telephone hardware at the customer premises.

Thus Tpad is different from the 3 main categories of Telephone Companies as only Tpad goes one step further by offering the very latest technology at very little cost. Additionally Tpad’s marketing program of offering FREE systems to businesses that agree to become a reference site has been very popular and has enabled many businesses to acquire systems at NO cost. In such cases the telephone platform and the telephone hardware that is at the customer’s site are both FREE.

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