Hosted Telephone Systems

Tpad Hosted IP Office Phone Systems

Tpad’s hosted PBX telephone service provides a truly scalable communications platform for businesses independent of size or industry.

This low cost office telephone system has been designed with growing business in mind, allowing companies to take advantage of full enterprise PBX functionality at a fraction of the cost of traditional systems.

A new office PBX hosted by Tpad removes the physical limitations of a traditional onsite private branch exchange by hosting the PBX within our powerful data centre, allowing you to expand at the touch of a button and not have to worry about the technical aspects of your new phone system.

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Our IP-PBX hosted VoIP phone systems offer cheap calls to mobiles, highly competitive rates on international calls and free and unlimited Tpad-Tpad conversations. You don’t even need a phone line – numerous VoIP lines can be sent through one broadband connection via SIP trunking.

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What are the benefits of a hosted telephone system?

  • Having a hosted Tpad PBX instead of an onsite model dramatically reduces hardware acquisition costs while retaining all of the expert call features and benefits of a state of the art phone system. This is very popular with start-up companies who are looking to manage cash flow.
  • Customers on the Tpad hosted PBX will always be the first to benefit from new features and developments on the Tpad platform as these improvements will be applied directly onto our central servers.
  • The Tpad hosted PBX removes all limitations on growth as it allows you to add seats to your system as you grow from small deployments of 5 users to enterprise systems of 100+.
  • The Tpad hosted PBX is ideal for multi-site operations as it allows multiple offices to connect to a single phone system, thus providing free interoffice calls between all connected sites. The Tpad Hosted PBX allows companies to also reduce their outgoing calls by utilising least cost routing options to provide significant cost savings.

Tpad Hosted IP is our next generation system that delivers a real alternative to hardware based telephone systems. Hosted IP combines advanced functionality with industry leading resilience, allowing you to benefit from an enterprise grade telephone solution with minimal capital outlay.

In today’s fast environment business leaders are continuingly looking for that “competitive edge”, one way to gain that edge is by improve the way you communicate with prospective and current customer’s. Many companies are still using outdated telephone systems which are restricting growth and becoming more and more expensive to maintain.

The easiest and most cost effective way to rejuvenate the way you communicate with you customers is to implement Tpad’s Hosted IP system. Hosted IP enables provides you with unique opportunity of unifying your whole organisation under a single easy to manage platform, Hosted IP provides multi office support as standard allowing you to deploy a companywide dial plan with free office-to-office calls.

Hosted IP eliminates the high capital costs associated with implementing a hardware based telephone system. Hosted IP enables all companies from start-ups to established organisations to benefit from an amazing telephone solution within budget.

Hosted IP Advantages

  • Connect multiple offices under a single billing and reporting platform providing a clear view of your performance and costs.
  • Improve efficiency and productivity by encouraging flexible working (work from home).
  • Improve customer satisfaction by utilising call management with auto attendants and hunt groups.
  • Dramatically reduce line rental and call costs by up to 70%.
  • Record all calls in and out of the system for either regulatory or training purposes.
  • Resilient and redundant IP network provides an inbuilt disaster recovery model.

Cost Saving

  • Minimal on-site equipment required reducing capital outlay.
  • Ultra low call rates.
  • Per seat pricing meaning you will only pay for capacity you require.
  • Free extension to extension calling.

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