Managed Phone Systems

Small and Medium Enterprise onsite PBX

Tpad’s Small and Medium Enterprise onsite PBX has been specially developed for users who want to take advantage of the many benefits of IP telephony while still utilising legacy based telephone connectivity like PSTN and ISDN.

SME PBX provides a full office phone system offering full small enterprise functionality at a fraction of the cost of comparable telephone systems.

Tpad’s SME PBX is ideal for organisations looking to implement a phone system for between 2 and 25 users. The systems allow the flexibility and freedom for expansion card’s to be added to thePBX to add compatibility with PSTN (Analogue) and ISDN (Digital) alongside the built in IP compatibility.

SME PBX’s systems are developed on resilient server technology because of this resilience your systems will benefit from peak performance at all times. A differentiator that places Tpad far ahead of the competition is that all PBX systems are provided with full support, maintenance and management which allow us to provide exceptional customer service.

SME PBX comes packed with advanced system functionality required by small and medium organisations. All systems can be fully installed by our professional in-house installation team or if you have experienced IT and Telecoms staff within your company we can simply deliver this to your office fully backed up with installation instructions and full remote telephone installation support.

To review Tpad’s SME PBX it provides:

  • Total control through web portal allowing you to make instant changes to your system
  • Full reporting facilities to monitor your call usage
  • Unlimited flexibility with expansion cards compatible with (ISDN, PSTN)
  • Cost of ownership reduction due to Ultra Low Call rates over the Tpad IP network and open system with no additional licenses to purchase
  • Increased resilience due to multi-carrier service (remove single point of failure)
  • Compatible with a wide range of SIP devices (as can be seen in out hardware section here)
  • Comes pre-enabled with hunt grouping, IVR (automated attendant), multi-party conference bridge, voicemail and much more
  • Supports advanced unified communications features such as find me and voicemail to email

Our highly trained and motivated consultants will be more than happy to discuss your needs and put together a proposal based on the SME PBX system please just call 08541221746

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